About Us

As two brothers, fueled by our passion for Formula 1 and timepieces, and frustrated by the lack of easily available officially licensed Formula 1 merchandise and distinctive watches in South Africa, we embarked on an entrepreneurial journey and created Delta Time (Pty) Ltd to close this gap.

Delta Time is your ultimate destination to ignite your passion for Formula 1 with our exhilarating range of officially licensed merchandise that puts you in the driver's seat. From sleek team apparel to iconic timepieces that embody precision, we've curated collections that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Our journey takes us across continents to source premium items that capture the essence of both speed, precision and sophistication.

As a licensed importer/exporter and distributor, we are your ticket to the global Formula 1 and watch scene. With Delta Time, you're not just shopping; you're experiencing a lifestyle fueled by adrenaline and elegance.

Join us in embracing the thrill of Formula 1 and the timeless elegance of G-Shock, Edifice and Baby-G timepieces.

Delta Time explained: Delta Time means time difference. In Formula 1, 'delta time' refers to the difference in lap times between a driver's current lap and their previous one, indicating their performance improvement or decline. It's a crucial metric for assessing racing pace and strategy adjustments.

Close the gap with Delta Time. Be Obsessed